Correlation of Unisex baby Clothes with Nature Versus Nurture

Correlation of Unisex baby Clothes with Nature Versus Nurture

Gender neutral or Unisex baby clothes promotes and discourage social construction of gender. Nature is not in our control but nurture requires attention, love, care and concern.

Be it a plant, tree or baby of a human being. Nature plans are independent. When we as human beings interfere with it. It ends up in catastrophe.

1. Social Construction of Gender and Unisex Baby Clothes

The biological sex of the baby is predetermined. Whereas, the gender is defined by society.

The taboo of specifying colours, baby clothes, sports, emotions, food, cosmetics, attitude for biological sexes is our creation.

It also varies culture to culture. However, the shyness and delicacy of girls and strength and bravery of boys persists everywhere.

The expectations for baby girls are same everywhere. To be modest, a good manager at home, sorting and arranging things etc. make baby boys learn in childhood that girls are bound to do home work.

Neutrality in childhood is important. The learning behaviour of babies at home and schooling can be modified to this fact that there is nothing like gender roles.

Unisex baby clothes, even for school uniforms can be introduced to increase the receptivity.

2. Oedipus complex and Electra Complex

It is a psychoanalytic theory of babies during the normal development process. It means the babies are attracted towards their opposite sex parent and feel rivalry or envy with the same sex parent.

This is because the baby boys or girls see affection of the mother for the father and vice versa. Consequently, babies try to imitate the same sex parent to gain attention of opposite sex parent.

Social construction of gender

3. Gendered and Unisex Baby Clothes

It is a set of belief that society holds for the specific gender. Like, male earns for the family. He is emotionally and physically strong. Whereas, the women is a home-maker, docile and dependent.

Although, the concept is changing, still the glass ceiling exists for women and minorities all over the world. The culture of gender neutrality can help resolve many issues related to biological sex.

Buying unisex baby clothes without knowing sex of baby can alter the psyche of society.

4. Nurturing is a life changing process

The parents’ aptitude changes and modifies the learning behaviour of babies. If the training of a girl is started by giving her a football then she will break stereotypes and become an international footballer one day.

The boy can become fashion designer, if it entices him. There comes the role of parents, who can be supportive or can discourage him outright.

Furthermore, it is not awkward to buy blue for baby girls and pink for baby boys. The companies doing business in baby clothes’ can promote unisex baby clothes.

The perspective of parents matters. Parents should not impose and burden the children with their wishes and society’s norms about gender roles. There is a need of liberty for children. So that, they can exercise their choices in wearing, eating, reading and playing.

5. Individualism

Individualism is important as nature choose time of fertilisation of embryo. Since that time, uniqueness becomes part of personality of that baby. Nature also plays role during genetic make up of baby. But when the baby is born, the nurture cycle starts.

Individualism comes out in free state. When the child does not feel pressurised. And it needs practice since childhood. Gender neutral or unisex baby clothes starts making the mind of babies from childhood to naturally avoid biological sex differences.

6. Gender Reveal Parties are Promoting Gender Roles

Unisex baby clothes

There should be gender neutral society. Humanity requires more promotion than gender roles. Humanity is gender neutral.

Therefore, the excitement for having baby boy or girl is not commendable. But excitement for having a baby, to become a parent is a good thing.

It is natural to have urge to know baby’s sex. Preparing for baby’ arrival also sets up expectations.

Buying sex specific baby clothes is a tiring exercise. The natural bond of mother and child suffers in case of unfulfilling of desire. There is a probability that mother cannot focus and give attention to baby right after birth. Mothers’ usually suffer postpartum depression.

This is one of the factors. Unisex baby clothes bar going in to psychological crises.

7. Unisex Baby Clothes

Biological sex is nature’s work, gender is our work. There is a need to review colour specifications. Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Gender neutral clothes or uni sex baby clothes is a good start for babies and for parents’ mind set up.

Psychological Impact of Best baby Clothes

Psychological Impact of Best baby Clothes

The psychological impact of best baby clothes on babies is significant. Finding the best baby clothes is an interesting phenomenon. However, opting for the best one is a drill. A baby’s clothing shows the parent’s attention towards the baby, their priorities, their bond with the baby and the fashion sense  of the parents, indirectly. Babies are totally dependent on parent’s choice of clothes.

Clothing is essential for every human being. It gives a sense of safety and comfort. However, baby’s clothes need to be beautiful and comfortable.

Children at every stage like to play which makes them more active. Therefore, the best baby clothes require attention towards basic things. But it has become more difficult to choose the favourite one due to many online stores for baby clothes.

Features of Best Baby Clothes

Babies grow faster, therefore, babies’ wardrobe shouldn’t be filled with clothes at a certain age. However, the following factors must be considered while buying baby clothes:

  1. There should be priority for natural fibre like cotton, wool and linen
  2. Fabric should be soft
  3.  The garment should be loose and easy to wear and take off
  4. There should not be unnecessary designing  
  5. The growth feature of Baby
  6. At home, if the temperature is normal, then a single romper lets the baby make movements freely.
  7. Clothes should be washable and should have long life
  8. It should not irritate skin; the skin of babies is sensitive.

Babies Understand the World

Children are not passive learners. Rather, they are active learners and understand the things happening around them.  Piaget’s theory of cognitive development unfolds about children’s intellectual growth.

It says that children are continuously in observing and experimenting phases. They develop their understanding of how the world works.

Child Garments Industry is Adopting Adults’ Fashion Trends

The apparel of babies is in competition with adults’ haute couture. The child’s garment industry is booming. But the good thing is this, that the competition is high which ensures quality management.

Children have become models and set fashion trends like adults. The specification of colours for boys and girls and event specific dresses have made parents give more attention to babies’ clothing.

Best Baby Clothes since Childhood Makes it Ever Lasting Habit

Training of certain habits in childhood becomes part of personality. Personality is the first thing that creates an impression. Therefore, focusing on attire continuously, rehearses the mind of babies to assimilate and accommodate this information in mind.

It has become a social status symbol to wear branded clothes. Everyone cannot afford it. But there are many stores selling cheap baby clothes still good in quality to keep the circular economy in flow. Parenting is no longer an easy task nowadays.

Other Impacts of Best Babies Clothes

The psychological impact of distinctive clothing is far reaching. Therefore, buying baby clothes is worth the time.  

Personality development, confidence building, trust on parent’s choice are the impacts discussed above. But there are social and economic effects as well. A decent dress is a sign of civilised society.

Civilised children are the building blocks of any society. A comparison can be made among children living in poor countries and developed countries.

Welcoming a new child is a dream that every parent sees. Newborn babies’ clothes need washing more frequently. This is a big task and it should be handled with great responsibility.

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